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Vietnam-Source is the premier service for North American buyers looking to source Vietnamese products from the thriving Vietnamese economy.

Through this web-service, you may search for Vietnamese manufacturers with the capability to deliver commodities, commoditized products, and products built to your specifications. Search by commodity or product type, and we will highlight manufacturing facilities with the capability to meet your needs.

Once you've located these facilities, contact our North American, English-speaking Senior Account Representatives. We will work with you to understand your needs, and open up communications and negotiations with reputable Vietnamese manufacturers.

Source commodities and products in Vietnam can be searched below.


Vietnam-Source is supported and endorsed by the following international organizations:

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Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a national organization which assembles and represents the business community, employers and business associations of all economic sectors in Vietnam. VCCI is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization with 8 offices throughout Vietnam and a growing membership of over 7000 businesses.


North America-Vietnam Trading Agency, Inc. (NAVTA), with offices in Toronto, Canada, Missouri, USA and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is actively engaged in building the sales and trade pipeline between North America and Vietnam.

NAVTA is an "International Business Sourcing, Supply Chain and Trade Solutions Provider for Vietnam, North America and other worldwide companies. NAVTA's expertise and management resources specializes in helping worldwide clients take advantage of the enormous trade potential with Vietnam.  NAVTA owns and operates the websites and